Cible, een korte actie film, geregisseerd door Danny Leysner,  in coproductie met actieheld Joey Ansah en Bram Breukelman.

The short film ‘Cible’, starring Geoffrey Thompson, is a brutal revenge thriller from veteran dutch music video Director, Danny Leysner in collaboration with Joey Ansah (Bourne Ultimatum, ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’) who serves as Action Director & Choreographer. The film is scored by Composer: Patrick Gill.
Co-written by Leysner and Cinematographer, Bram Breukelman, Cible tells the story of a prolific underworld enforcer who has left the ‘game’ in pursuit of love and a new life. This reality is shattered by a brutal execution of the enforcer and his girlfriend by his former employer. Our protagonist miraculously survives a bullet in the brain, but not without lasting damage; he is psychologically haunted by the trauma he suffered yet is unable to feel physical pain..a lethal cocktail for a man with nothing left to live for other than vengeance.

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