Code Red Group Promo

Meegewerkt aan deze climate change promo van Arthur Duindam en Tycho Kilsdonk, studenten van ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem.

This project is a speculative scenario in which we propose that the slow and seemingly invisible process of climate change can be broken down into a series of small experiential, disasters.

Code Red Group is a fictional group of activists and scientists that is made by Dutch Interaction Design students Arthur Duindam and Tycho Kilsdonk.

This video should provoke you to think about climate change and to take it very seriously. Time is running out and with that, we are running out of options. Perhaps in the future we will have to take a similar action as suggested in this video to prevent further damage.

It should be made extra clear that this video is speculative in nature – and we do not suggest to execute the idea in real life.

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