How Do I Know, een korte film van regisseur Kiko Morah, geproduceerd door Western Spaghetti’s.

An old man (Frederick) visits his old trunk at the attic. He realizes that the old trunk holds many dark memories from the past…

How Do I Know is a psychological drama short about Frederick, an old man learning the truth about his past. The story takes us on a dark and confusing journey through Fredericks memories.

This short film is based on a short story ‘How Do I Know’ written by Neil Gibson’s for the Twisted Dark graphic novel series.

Kiko Morah Filmmaker

Working with actors like Jos Smit makes my job as a Director much easier and more pleasant. He's thorough at preparing a character and really immerses in the fictional universe he's playing in. It is a rare thing to meet a relatively new actor with so much narrative instinct. He has a wide acting range and he knows exactly what to add or subtract from his performances with easy directions. It is always a pleasure to have him on set. He loves and respects film just as much as I do and you can easily tell by watching the final result. I look forward to having him on my set in the future.

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